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Apparently Ricky is in the process of filming a movie called "Boston Unleashed." The only website I could find about it doesn't give too many details (see here) but if you click notes it tells you that he's starring in it (possibly cast changes or something).

The movie is rated R and I don't know if it's a made for TV movie or what, but I don't care much, because Ricky's gonna be in it and that's all that matters. It's also not scheduled for release until late January of 2006.

I was able to find a synopsis of the movie, courtesy of Unnoficial_Ricky Ullman Fansite

Heres a sypnosis on Ricky Ullman's upcoming featured film called "BOSTON UNLEASED," which is scheldued to release in 2005.((Credit: TV TOME))Alexandria Calhauney (Jenicka Carey) aka Lexxi as known by her friends, has been going through a tough time in her life and now she wants to turn it around. After her mother's death last year, Lexxi's farther has turned to drinking and drugs and with that a result of violence has come to both her and twin brother Aidan (Brady Corbet). The seventeen year old chooses to leave her hometown of Plainfield, New Hampshire to move to the heart of Boston, in hopes of starting anew. After enrolling in a local high school where she would finish her senior year, Lexxi tries to reconnect with her older brother, Dylan (Hayden Christiansen) and wife, Jade (Lindsay Felton). It had been close to six years since the two had seen or spoke to one another. It was a heartfelt reunion with happy smile and sad tears. Aidan, who was left in Plainfield, finally chose to move down to Boston with his beloved sister. It was a hard transition for Lexxi, at least until she met Evan Harte (Ricky Ullman). Evan was a local boy, also seventeen. Happy to help Lexxi settle in the city, the two got very quaint with one another. Four months after moving to the city, school was over, but the relationship between Lexxi and Evan was just getting starting. The two ended up at none other than the Ivy League school of Harvard University, where both were studying in the field of Criminal Justice. Six years later, the two were college grads and a happily married couple. Lexxi became a detective at the state police, and Evan became a well known a successful lawyer. It was almost eight years since Lexxi left home, but her home was brought back to in a matter of one day, when one case came across the desk of both Lexxi and Evan. The case was against none other than Lexxi's father, Ryan (Jason Wiles). The case against him was for sexual assault in the first degree. One problem with it all, the case became Lexxi's business when it turned into a murder case, after the victim didn't survive the beating the abuse caused. Months of evidence gathering and weeks in court led to the final conviction of Ryan Calhauney. Her father was sentenced to life in jail with no possibilities of bond or parole. As they led him out of the courtroom, Lexxi realized what was missing in her life all those years, the punishment that her father had always deserved. As thought that sentenced was going to be served, it ended unhappily, when Ryan died of a chaotic beating of his own in jail. He was admitted to the hospital after two days in jail, and died that day. With all that was unleashed, did Lexxi or her father get justice served?
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